Our Circuit Training equipment is designed to provide a full body workout in a streamlined, comprehensive, and timely manner.  Included in our Circuit Training equipment is a Back Extension apparatus and an Abdominal machine.

The Free Weight area of the gym occupies the back one-third of the gym floor, and includes equipment to be used by those new to working out or seasoned body builders and weight lifters alike.  The area contents include flat, incline, and decline benches, a Hack Squat rack, preacher bench, leg press, extension and curl, a large assortment of dumbbells, thousands of pounds of plates, a Smith machine, and four conventional squat racks.  Come and check it out!

In the centre of the gym floor is an assortment of exercise machines, including Cybex VR3 leg press, back, shoulder, chest, dip/pull-up, leg extension, plus two pulley stations.

At Jim's Gym, we pride ourselves by providing first-class equipment in a friendly and inviting environment. 

The gym has five main sections -- the Cardio Theatre, the Exercise Machine area, the Free Weight area, the Circuit Training section, and the Activity Room and Stretching Room.

First is the Cardio theatre, with a large assortment of cardio machines including Keiser indoor cycles, step machines, ellipticals, treadmills, upright and recumbent cycles, and rowing machines.

Our Activity Room hosts our many fitness classes, including Indoor Cycling and Boot Camp.  We have red sport flooring, which consists of 7 layers of foam and is specifically designed for sport activities.   This  room is available for floor work, plyometric jumping, medicine ball exercises, skipping, etc. 

In addition, we have Stretching Room.  This space is separate from both the gym floor and the activity room, and is a quiet and peaceful place with mirrored walls, new carpeting, a platform, and exercise balls.  Activities in this room include cooling down, stretching, and some floor exercises.

Welcome to Jim's Gym!

Jim's Gym represents a broad spectrum of fitness levels, from beginner to expert and range in age from 14 to over 90 years young.

Whether you are looking to lose weight, firm up, develop muscle mass, improve balance and/or mobility, or simply improve the quality of your life, Jim's Gym is an ideal place for you.

Our Philosophy...
...is different. We believe in taking care of our clients by providing a welcoming, safe, productive and enjoyable environment for everyone to train in.

At Jim's Gym, our staff are here to help. We are a highly skilled group available, on the floor, to assist you with your training.  We are here to answer your health and fitness questions, show you how to use the training equipment, help you develop an effective workout routine, or simply provide you with a spot when needed.  Our staff are here to support you achieving your goals.