Difficult - Step 1​

Moderate - Step 1​

Easy - Step 2​

Easy - Step 1​

Moderate - Step 2​

​N.B.   Oftentimes, in the gym environment, as a result of muscle imbalances caused by over emphasizing the pushing exercises and under emphasizing the pulling exercises which engage the muscles of the shoulder girdle, anterior shoulder pain is a result. Our exercise of the month is an excellent way to avoid this pain or eliminate it if it pre-exists.

Featured Exercise - Horizontal Pull-Up

This is a bodyweight exercise ideally suited as a compliment to any of the many pushing exercises ; bench press, incline press, push-ups, etc., that are regularly performed in a gym environment. The horizontal pull-up is done with the exerciser in a horizontal or modified horizontal, face-up position with hands roughly shoulder width apart on a bar which is roughly three feet or more high or using a TRX or similar piece of equipment. The degree of difficulty of the exercise is dependent upon the angle of the exerciser’s body with the exercise becoming easier the more upright the body is kept and more difficult the closer one gets to the horizontal position. In the following pictures we have three sequences of this exercise:  easy, moderate, and difficult.

Difficult - Step 2​