Mission:  To encourage and educate people to live healthy and active lifestyles by participating in fitness activities to meet their individual needs and goals.


  • A lifelong learner with an interest in fitness and living a healthy, balanced lifestyle
  • Interested in educating participants in safe, functional fitness activities in a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere
  • Enjoys the motivation and energy that everyone brings to a group fitness class
  • Registered BCRPA Fitness Leade

Randy Dawson

​​Mission: To provide a welcoming and safe environment for people to come and pursue their fitness goals.


  • Trained as an amateur boxer since age 14
  • Jim's Gym member for 1 year
  • Lifelong fitness enthusiast always willing to learn new things

Jay West

​​Mission: To provide a safe, energetic, rewarding, and informative atmosphere with a focus on supporting each client in pursuing their individual fitness and lifestyle goals.


  • Recent graduate with a Doctorate of Medicine; currently interviewing for residency positions
  • Bachelor of Science with a Major in Biology and a Minor in Biochemistry
  • Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) and Basic Life Support (BLS) certified
  • Avid fitness enthusiast who continues to enjoy learning new fitness and training programs
  • Interested in providing education to the general population on topics including nutrition and addressing misconceptions surrounding food and dietary modifications with a focus on health
  • Former athlete in track and field and football

Our Staff

Pamela MacAdam

Brendan Campbell

​​Mission:  Create a fun and positive environment for the menbers to enjoy and be supportive in helping them reach their fitness goals.


  • Certified through ISSA (International Sports Science Association) in personal training
  • An active member in the gym for the last three years. 

Mission: To create and maintain a state of the art facility for our client's use.


  • Over 20 years as a successful owner/operator of The Fitness Connection
  • Active promoter of healthy living and eating
  • Enthusiastic supporter of personal fitness and training

Richie Rae

Betsy McKim

Mission: living and sharing the dream of lifelong health and fitness.


  • 20 plus years as a health and fitness instructor
  • Caring, enthusiastic, and energetic
  • Passionate member of the "4 F" Club:  Family, Food, Fun, and Fitness! 

Bailey Kaario

Patricia Hoy

Kit Miller

Mission:To provide a safe, productive, and fun environment for enhancing your health and fitness profile.


  • M.Sc in Exercise Physiology
  • Nutrition Science Instructor at Simon Fraser University
  • Former Canadian National Team Athlete (Wrestler)
  • Canadian National Team Coach (Wrestling and Snowboard)
  • Represented Canada at the Olympic Games (1976, 1988, 1992)
  • Health and Lifestyle Consultant for the North Vancouver Recreation Commission
  • High Performance Director for Sportmed BC and Canadian Sport Centre - Pacific.

Jim Miller

​​Mission: To provide a welcoming, supportive and motivating environment for all seeking health and fitness regardless of age, fitness experience, or performance goals.


  • BSc Biology and Minor in Kinesiology 
  • Gold Medalist (200 meters and 400 meters) and Silver Medalist (100 meters) at National Masters Track and Field Championships  
  • Gold Medalist (200 meters and 400 meters) and Silver Medalist (100 meters) at World Masters Track and Field Championships    
  • Tennis enthusiast (3.5 level) 
  • National and Regional championships in equestrian competitions 
  • Enthusiastic advocate for living life to its full potential

​​Mission: To maintain a healthy and energetic environment at Jim's Gym in which everyone will feel welcome and committed.


  • Played 6 years of competitive (rep) hockey.
  • Played soccer, basketball, football, lacrosse, and baseball.
  • Aspiring to attain a University degree in Kinesiology.

Mission:To provide safe, fun, and informative classes for every level from beginner to advanced. 


  • Certified BCRPA Group Fitness Leader.
  • Certified Indoor Cycling Instructor.
  • Busy self-employed Mom of two young children.
  • Acknowledges how important and hard it is to make time for fitness.
  • Enjoys the energy of group classes. 
  • Loves teaching indoor cycling and TRX.

Dorian Stokes

Mission:To make exercise and fitness a fun challenge.  My goal is to help all different types of individuals, including athletes, reach their personal fitness and performance goals using the sweet science of boxing training.


  • Boxing Canada National Coach Certification (NCCP) Level 2 Club Coach
  • Strength and conditioning Certification
  • Trained as an amateur boxer since 2011
  • Played 4 years for the Vancouver Island University Soccer Team