Member Tony Washbrook writes:

My name is Tony Washbrook and I have been a regular member at Jim's Gym for over one year. Since my retirement in 2008 I had gained quite a bit of weight and was not in great physical condition.  At the prompting of my doctor, and my wife, who is a dietitian, I started going to the gym in November 2011. During my first couple of months I did start to lose a bit of weight and get into better condition but in January 2012 I decided to take my whole diet and physical conditioning seriously.  I cut way back on my caloric intake by cutting my portion sizes down. I also started on a serious regime at the gym.  I decided to go three times per week and gradually increase my workout times. I am now exercising approximately 1 1/2 hours per session three times a week and have lost a total of 60 pounds.

At my last physical exam in November of this year my blood pressure was low normal, heart rate was normal and all of my other tests were normal. I put this down to my new lifestyle.

I am really happy going to Jim's Gym.  It is well managed, the staff is friendly and helpful and there is a huge selection of new and well maintained equipment to use. I certainly hope to be a customer for a long time.

Tony Washbrook
Qualicum Beach

Member Tom Joseph writes:

I joined Jim's Gym after being away from working out for 25 years, including 12 years of fatigue syndrome. I golfed for two years and had to give it up due to disc compression and pinched nerves into my legs.

I worked with personal trainers and the excellent programs Jim and his staff developed for me, watched my nutrition closely, and put in a consistent effort. I'm pain free and well ahead of my year-one goals. In eleven months, I lost 18 pounds of fat, gained about six pounds of the good stuff and live a fairly normal life (okay, bull riding isn't quite normal).

Joining Jim's Gym has dramatically improved the quality of my life!

Thanks Jim, Kit, and staff.

Tom Joseph

April 18, 2013

Jim and Kit:

I want to take this opportunity to thank you, your staff and patrons in assisting in the development of Spirit, the dog that we raised for the past year for the Canadian Guide Dogs For The Blind. Spirit is now back at the training centre outside of Ottawa, and is awaiting a decision as to his next training.  Every indication is that the CGDFTB are very pleased with Spirit and find him to be calm and pleasant to be around, as well as eager to please.

Spirit - Service DogI feel that his progress has been the result of organizations, that allowed Spirit to experience so many different situations.  Jim's Gym was a very positive, receptive and understanding place to bring Spirit to.  Patrons and staff alike went out of their way to accomodate Spirit's needs.

Thank you for your assistance with this project.  You have helped to make it such a positive experience for Jill and I;  one that we will not soon forget.  I have attached a couple of pictures for your enjoyment.


Darryl Craig

Byron Ayres, longtime member, posted this recently on our Facebook wall:

Hey Jim and the rest of the staff,

I just wanted to say that your facility is amazing and I intend to come and visit you every other day for the rest of my life. Like anything else in life, once you develop a good habit (that you love doing it) it's not an arduous chore.

Thanks for supporting me in my quest to remain healthy and fit!

Byron Ayers

Clyde Smith

" I have never worked with a more conscientious and competent professional in the area of strength training and fitness. Jim knows how to separate fitness trends from sound physiological training principles. His success as a coach is second to none in Canada. Work equals outcome. Good luck Jim and Kit"

Clyde Smith Physiotherapist

Clyde is past president of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association, co-founder of the Allan McGavin Sports Medicine Clinic at the University of British Columbia, and Chief Therapist for the Canadian Olympic Team at numerous Olympic Games.

Paul Ross, long time member of Jim's Gym, writes:

It was the worst day and the luckiest day of my life. It was Sept. 13, 2011 and I was in the hospital and undergoing a quadruple by-pass. I had had a heart attack and didn't know it. It was discovered during an angiogram where it was also discovered that I had some clogged arteries leading to the heart. 

I was walking on the treadmill three days earlier at Jìms Gym when I noticed a tingling in both arms and felt a little out of breath while trying to get my heart rate up. I went to the doctor that afternoon which lead to my journey to Victoria to have some tests done. 

I have been going to the gym for the past 6 years. Although a little overweight l considered myself in good shape for my age. I firmly believe that I was able to survive this ordeal due to the fact that I exercised regularly at Jim’s Gym. So my advice to those who use this facility to continue to exercise, get in shape because you never know when a situation like mine may occur that could take or change your life. 

A special thanks to Kit & Jim  for their concern, kindness and the "welcome back” when I finally did return. 

Paul R

Lorna Smith of West Vancouver writes:

I have just returned from a five day stay on Vancouver Island and found my GYM away from home, Jim’s Gym in Parksville. I found both the staff and the facility to be top notch!

I had not expected to find such a high level facility on Vancouver Island and was very impressed by the professional staff and the latest in fitness equipment. Upon entering the gym, I was enthusiastically greeted by a team member who gave me a quick walk through of the compound and then suggested that I partake in a spin class that was being offered that afternoon. The class was well attended, the spin bikes were clean, sleek and definitely more functional than my ability to ride them, the instructor made the class challenging yet fun and all attendees left spent but happy with their work outs.

Jim's Gym offers a wide range of equipment and fitness stations. I felt that the needs of ANY casual user, cardio junkie, gym rat, or High Performance Athlete could and would be met! The gym itself is a bright open space with high ceilings, picture windows and the best air quality I have experienced in any gym.

Jim's Gym attracts a broad cross section of the population. The members come in all ages, shapes and sizes with varying levels of health and fitness. They all seem to be happy to have found this upbeat, professional, first rate gym in their own back yard. I am looking forward to my next work out at Jim’s Gym!

Lorna Smith
West Vancouver

"Jim, Kit and Staff,

Thank you for your hospitality during my recent stay in Parksville.

I travel a lot and use many facilities, and yours is the best I have been in.

The attitude, the people, and the facilities are second to none.  You should be proud!

I look forward to my next visit."

Jim Uhl

John and Rhoda Pert

"We can't say enough about Jim's Gym and their professional staff for helping us stick to our lifestyle change.  We have collectively lost around 33 lbs. plus inches, and put a smile on our doctor's face.  If we can do it anyone can."

John & Rhoda Pert -- members since March 2010


Visitor Stephanie Harper writes:


I'm sure you get emails like this all the time, but I wanted to thank you for creating such a warm and inviting gym atmosphere in Parksville! I only get to come back to the island once a year to see my parents, and I really look forward to my time at Jim's Gym.

Not only is the space clean, well-kept, but both the patrons and staff are some of the friendliest I've ever encountered in a fitness environment! I really appreciate the effort you've put into the space, and it is evident how much you care!


Member Justin Holland writes:

I am a Ballenas High School graduate and currently play university football at St. Francis Xavier in Nova Scotia where I am a starting cornerback. My training at Jim's Gym has enabled me to reach and even surpass my physical and performance goals which I don't believe I could have accomplished had I not been training here.

With an awesome facility and friendly, knowledgeable, and supportive staff they have created a great environment for their membership to make the best version of themselves.

Justin Holland

Member Garrin McDonnell writes:

Jim's Gym has given me many opportunities to have the best workout experience.

This Gym is helping me reach my goals and potential and for that I am very thankful. Their staff are great as well, assisting everyone, teaching new techniques and training protocols enabling their members to continue to improve, and, always with a smile on their faces.

Garrin McDonnell
Ballenas High School
Quarterback -  Ballenas Football Team

"As a competitive athlete Jim has helped me develop in literally all aspects of performance. Not only has Jim put together a training program for me that is extremely effective in building strength, power, and speed but he has also taught me how to prepare mentally for anything that comes my way. I cannot stress enough the amount of gratitude, love, and respect I have for the entire Miller family and staff of this first-class facility. Simply put, there is no better place to train than Jim’s Gym."

Justin Andrushko -- member since 2009


Angus Reid, centre for the Grey Cup Champion BC Lions, recently worked out at our gym, and sent us this kind note:

"Thanks Jim`s Gym, By far the best gym on the Island. Thanks for the great work out!" 

Angus Reid

"Dear Kit and Jim,

Thank you for making the gym such a great place to belong to.  You truly made the gym a community, and I always look forward to coming here.  Your support, encouragemeht, and mentorship are invaluable!"

Kirstin Esau -- member since 2009.

Maureen Wilde, a member of JIm's Gym, recently travelled to Spain for a cycling trip, and sends this report:

Hola from Spain.

I can hardly believe we made it.  Exhilarating, exciting and what a confidence builder. I must really thank Jim, Kit, Ben and Roy for helping me train for this trip of a lifetime! My first adventure into the gym not knowing what truly one did to begin a cycling program. The guidance and support I received from everyone at Jim's Gym helped me access my inner resources.  I turned 67 on this trip and the gang of 50 year olds who were on the trip with me were constantly amazed by my stamina.  They couldn't believe that I didn't sit out the hills. Some of them I walked but I rode many more than I thought I would or could.  

So, from the gal who had never lifted a weight in her life, (and initially thought her arms were growing longer every time she lifted weights), to someone ready to tackle the world - a sincere thank you to the gang who helped to make it possible!

Maureen Wilde

A couple pictures just so you can see the terrain.

Margaret Kortas

"I recently returned from a trip to South America where, at the age of 70, I fulfilled a dream of hiking Mount Fitzroy, Torres Del Paine National Park and many other highlights in Patagonia.  Although I am proud of my efforts, much of the success belongs to Jim Miller of Jim's Gym in Parksville.  He had no doubt that with effort on my part and his guidance and encouragement, I could achieve this goal.

For anyone looking at weight loss, rehabilitation from surgery or any other fitness regime, I would highly recommend Jim's gym and will continue to be a member."

Margaret Kortas -- member since November 2009